Aaron Hong

Video Game Designer / Programmer


Hi, I'm Aaron Hong.

Check out my work in the "Games" and "Other" tabs.

In the "Games" tab, the works I have spent the most time on that I am most proud of are in the "Extended Development Projects" section. The "Game Jam Projects" section has games I made in 24-48 hours. The "Classwork" section has projects I made as classwork at USC, all of which are still uniquely designed and programmed. Most of these projects are group projects. The "Flash Projects" section has games that I worked on as a hobby in middle school. These are very old but are pretty cool to look at looking back.

For more information on any of the projects I worked on, check out my LinkedIn page in the "Contact" section. Here I describe the specifics of what I worked on for each project and the other team members that made all of these possible.

This site is still under construction, so expect some parts of it to have placeholder frames for images and temporary stuff!