Small Learning Communities

SLC Background / Funding Source

Adrianne Wilson
744-7333 ext. 292

Tutorial Schedule for SLC Pride 9th Grade Students

King's 9th grade SLC's are known as Prides since our mascot is a Lion, lions travel in groups called prides and our 9th graders are scheduled together on teams. Each Pride has a unique Greek name as selected by each team and identified below.

SLC Team Team Leaders Team Members
ALPHA Pride Bijaya Bose Charlotte Otero, Mary Freeney
ARM Pride Beth Burgess Ryk Stanton, Milford Collins, Sarah Johnson, Tracy Chevailer
KAPPA Pride Michele Prado Erica Brogna, Gregory Arscott
OMEGA Pride Trey Thomas Vivian Seymour, Jamie Lutes, Scott Crawford, Jeff Jones, Joseph Pidala
PI Pride Paul Thoas Leandra Vera, Donny Rooks

Door Decoration Contest

1st Place: ARM Pride 2nd Place: KAPPA Pride 3rd Place: ALPHA Pride